Dec. 12th, 2006

sillimarilli: (Eccelston - come with me)
In the interest of debriefing after several long and *headdesk* inducing meetings today I sit before my laptop and troll the internets, only to find:

AAAAAAHHHH!!! Sauron in the 60's, with the accompanying text. Be afraid, be very afraid. (And be sure to explore the rest of LILEKS (James)'s website for more bizarre pop culture and snark.)

"He’s Sauron, baby, and he’s back in town! Yes, the all-seeing eye that embodies evil and domination is groovier than ever, thanks to today’s modern paints, modern brushes, modern designers and modern drugs! Don’t forget to paint the tub to match the pupil, because GOD KNOWS no one will ever want a plain white bathtub again. Oh, sure, some plastic people might want it white, but let those phonies ask a Rockefeller for a new one, okay? This is the Age of Aquarius. If it’s moving, offer it a bong hit. If it’s not, paint it."

Just be sure to keep the eyeball bleach and scrubber handy

ETA: Pardon me! Sauron in the 70's! not 60's. I recognize the black and white check wallpaper from that in my older brother's room in the 70's. I had the same pattern... in puce.

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