Feb. 18th, 2007


Feb. 18th, 2007 08:06 pm
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Well, here I am again, posting about loss and love. Some of you know secondhand about my cat, Pukha. He earned his name as a kitten - named for that Irish spirit that inhabits animals and inspires them to mischief. Today, Pukha died in a sudden and unexpected accident. Apparently, he had gotten spooked by my neighbor's dog and raced up a tree, only to lose his hold and fall.

He may be "only" an animal, but he has lived with me for the past 8 years and generously shared both his mischief and affection with me. He was big-boned and fuzzy-furred, a big old baby who put my legs to sleep whenever he laid in my lap. He loved to sit outside and roam a little, but never too far and always quickly gamboling home if he knew I called. I shall miss his picking his way over and dragging his belly fur across my head when I've laid down to sleep. I shall miss his patting at the bedcovers until I held them up and let him in so he could tunnel around. He always eventually ended up spooned up against me with his head poking outside the covers under my chin. I shall miss watching him stalk slowly through the monkey-grass outside and finding him hidden beneath its green surface when it was time to come inside. I shall miss his crying at the door to be let out and coming home to find every cabinet door pried open. I shall miss him sitting on the sink every morning I get ready for work and every night I get ready for bed. I will miss him racing me up the stairs just for the chance I might have a hand free while I brushed my teeth. I shall miss just how soft and downy he was and that last sighing purr he would give right before he relaxed into sleep.

The place seems too quiet and too still, and I am quite heartbroken.

And so, I give you Pukha, who, I think, speaks for himself. )

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