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I believe in the stories we tell one another, whether it is across the flickering light of the evening's fire or by the glow upon a flat screen.  It is in this way that we name our fears, and give each other the gift of belief in something bigger than ourselves and the courage to face the darkness that crowds in behind our backs. 

As the Professor once said, "It was in fairy-stories that I first divined the potency of the words, and the wonder of things, such as stone, and wood, and iron; tree and grass; house and fire; bread and wine." It is through the mirror of the supernatural that we perceive ourselves more clearly. 


Let me tell you a little story. 


Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, villains preyed upon the innocent:



Heroes faced impossible odds:


Hell opens

Master Villains' gaze pierced with fiery eyes:

The Great Eye

Old Yellow-Eyes

Manly men took up the cause…
They dedicated themselves to the service of those who depend on them, putting their needs over everything.  Deeply flawed and immutably human, they longed for and yet feared they did not deserve redemption.


Dean Winchester

Geek brothers stood at their side…
whose first love was for things of the intellect.  They did "not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory", but fought because events in their lives laid a greater claim upon them.  Unlike their warrior brothers, they wore their hearts on their sleeve.   They perceived clearly their brothers' strengths and weaknesses for what they were, and loved them all the more dearly for it.


Sam Winchester

The Geek Brother…
got the girl:

Faramir and Eowyn

Sam and Jessica

Strong women…
when those they love are threatened, stepped up and gave their all in sacrifice for them.


Mary Winchester

Father figures…
led them.  These men were gruff of temperament and stingy with information.  They worked the pieces upon the chessboard and shared information only on a need to know basis.  But for all their machinations, when it came down to it, they sacrificed everything in the service of those they led and loved.  Their absence left a painful hole that those left behind struggled to fill, and in that struggle they grew to be more than what they were before. They were men apart, separate, and yet urged and inspired others to great deeds. 


John Winchester

The tale that was worth telling
required some slogging through a slow buildup before the climax knocked our socks off. 

Keep reading until you get past Moria.

Keep watching until you reach the second half of season 2

Elder statesmen…
provided guidance and unlooked-for aid.  They once were warriors in their own right, but then functioned as resources for those who carry on the fight.  Consequently, they shouldered perhaps a bit too much exposition for the plot to bear at times.

Elrond Half-elven

Bobby Singer

Angst and man-pain…
broke our hearts.

Aragorn and Boromir

Sam and Dean Winchester

Beautiful, trusted steeds…
carried men who adored them.  They returned that regard with loyalty and supreme effort.


The Impala, aka Metallicar

The brothers…
Once were young and turned to each other for shelter from the pain in their lives.



Men who lived hard lives…
longed for the warmth and safety of that soft place where they were loved.  They yearned for the women from whom they were separated by circumstance and the necessity of sacrifice, and yet this separation gave them strength of purpose.


Dean Winchester

Reluctant heroes…
carried a great, dark burden. Their sensitivity and open-heartedness made them acutely aware of the pain of the burden and the consequences of failure.  Should they fail of their resolve, the evil with which they are burdened threatened to overwhelm and fundamentally change them, and by that, threatened all which they loved. 

Frodo Baggins

Sam Winchester

The reluctant heroes…
always seemed to end up in one particular position.

Frodo, falling on his backside, yet again.

Let's choke Sam!  One! More! Time!

But most of all…
it was a deep, unswerving love that carried the heroes through their trials.

Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee

Dean and Sam Winchester


Because of all the above, this I believe: 

In these days of mass-marketed sleaze, in which the most offensive act wins the prize, I refuse to pay tribute to a triumphant flag when it is planted on a hill of dead bodies and broken hearts. 

When willing vulnerability is seen as weakness, loyalty is a set up for betrayal, love thought to mean ownership, and self-sacrifice is mocked, I refuse to play the game. 

Yes, the world is full of pain.   Yes, people hurt each other.  And yes, evil lives.  Sometimes it feels like all is chaos and violence and greed and intolerance.  And yet, I refuse to give in to despair.   

Because I don't know how to shoot a gun.  I'll never lead a mission against all odds to save the world.  I'll never climb that hill and plant that flag.  I'll never be the hero. 

But, this I can do.  I can be like Boromir and Dean and keep praying for redemption, acknowledge my mistakes and try to make it better when I fail.  I can be like Samwise and Dean Winchester and give as much love as I've got, and watch my friends' backs when the going gets rough and they need it most.  Like Frodo and Sam Winchester, I can strive to be more than I thought I could be when it's my turn to shoulder the burden.  I can give and keep working and pick myself up every morning and face yet another day, refusing to let go of love. 

So, sit down with me and tell me that story.  Share in this myth with me.  Tell me there are other people out there who feel like I do, who want to fight the good fight but sometimes need a helping hand when they fall, when they fail.  Help me not feel alone in the struggle.  I know you're out there.  Give me hope. 


If you like what you read, please feel free to copy, paste, and pimp. 


Supernatural airs on Thursday nights at 9/8c on the CW until March. 

Previous episodes are available through:

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Note that Season 1's episodes on iTunes doesn't have the original music track, which, unfortunately, detracts from the presentation of the show.

Supernatural Guides for the Terminally Busy:

 [info]mirandler43 suggests these episodes as a bite-size Supernatural Appetizer:

Folsom Prison Blues 
      Dead in the Water –
Season 2: DVD disk 5
Season 1: DVD disk 1
Season 1: DVD disk 3

 [info]jdsgirlbev suggests these episodes as a main course if you have more sit-down time:

                                                      Pilot –
                                                      Faith –
                             Dead Man's Blood –
                                              Salvation –
                                          Devil's Trap –
                            In My Time of Dying –
                                          Nightshifter –
What Is and What Should Never Be –
           All Hell Breaks Loose I and II –
Season 1: DVD disk 1
Season 1: DVD disk 3
Season 1: DVD disk 5
Season 1: DVD disk 6
Season 1: DVD disk 6
Season 2: DVD disk 1
Season 2: DVD disk 4
Season 2: DVD disk 6
Season 2: DVD disk 6

Keep fighting the good fight. 

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